DIY Mr. Deer and Mrs. Doe Glitter Heads

I have been seeing these golden glitter reindeer heads all over the Internet. 

Well, I decided like so many other I couldn't live without one in my house and then I had the brilliant idea that Mr. Deer would DEFINITELY need a Mrs. Doe to go with him so I came up with the idea to make a silver female doe head to go beside him.

I think they came out gorgeous!!!! 

Oh and one more thing. I didn't even use glue and glitter!!!! 

That's right, NO MESS AT ALL!!!!!!!

rubber cement
card stock paper for stencil
glitter paper from Hobby Lobby
2 blank canvases
Total Cost: around $15.00

First I found a template for the deer head stencil on the Internet {HERE}. I couldn't find a template of a female doe so I just googled some picture sand found that they usually have shorter horns and longer ears so I just made one myself. 

1. Fist print out your stencil, pencil onto a heavy card stock, cut it out and then you are ready to cut out your deer heads on the glitter paper.

2. Next simply flip the glitter paper over and with a pencil draw the outline of the stencil on the back on the glitter paper.

3. Now get your blank canvas, pain the back of the glitter deer head with rubber cement and place in the center of the canvas to dry.

It's that simple! DONE!


I decided to hang mine with my new tissue Tassel Garland that you can find how to make {HERE} for around $3.00


Today me and the munchkins are baking cookies for Santa and trying to rest for the upcoming days!!!! 

So much love to all of you!!! 

Tis the Season!!!!!
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Katie said...

These are so cute Hanna!! I love that you don't have to make a huge mess! Love the garland too! Merry Christmas!

Amy said...

Oh my! I am IN LOVE with this!! Merry Christmas Hanna!

Bettina Rae said...

So cute did u make the garland? I love it!

Lotus Blossom said...

LOVE!! xo

Lauren said...

These are FABULOUS dear!! Great job.


Sheila said...

What a great DIY idea!!! :)

Merry Christmas!!

xo - Sheila

Curtsay said...

Very cute! I am loving the whole deer trend going on lately, and I always love some gold glitter =) Visiting from Sugar and Dots link party.

Lindsay from

Gina said...

these are amazing!


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