* FAITH * at 28 weeks

Sometimes I do a little Pregnancy Questionnaire but I just didn't feel like it today! 

So instead I will give you a little update.

I am still nauseous about 3 days a week and am in a constant state of exhaustion. I am anemic and can't really afford my iron so???? Whoopsie! 

But I religiously take my pre natals so don't worry!

Last week my braxton hicks started! Awesome, maybe the baby can beat Ginger's record birth time of 2 hours from the very first contraction and come out in 45 minuets. Hey, natural birthing mama here would  not complain one bit. 

I have gained about 40-45 pounds ALREADY. No worries, I have become a PRO at weight loss post baby; marathons here I come and I am itching BADLY to run by the way!

My mental state is still rather fragile most days; anxiety, some depression, mood swings, the whole 9 pregnancy yards.

I have no new stretch marks nor will I ever because I will never be as big as I was with baby number 1 so I'm not worried about it. Besides by baby number 3 everything is pretty much just hanging there anyway:)

I'm not really craving much. I do like to drink cow's milk when I am pregnant which is strange because it totally grosses me out any other time. I LOVE orange juice too!!! 

I suppose that's about it. Maybe next week we'll so the 5 things:confessional instead. That seems more fun!

I'd also like to do a little gratitude posting here tonight! 

I have received so many wonderful prayers and assistance from family, friends and perfect strangers just out of the goodness of their own hearts and I am so over whelmed by it.

The only other time in my life I have ever experienced such selfless giving was in the wake of hurricane Katrina, my husband and I both lost our homes and everything we owned with exception of our pets and a few items. I suppose I will write a post on that one of these days.....I am sure it would be very therapeutic. 

But, honestly, since then I have not experienced the kind of unconditional love that the universe is wrapping my family in right now, and I am so incredibly grateful and really just amazed. 
Every single day I am so thankful. Every single day I wonder how we will pay the electric bill or buy diapers or get groceries and then it just happens.

I suppose now I need to fill you in a little on my faith. I was not baptized nor raised with any type of organized religion. In fact, growing up churches scared me if I ever set foot in one because they were so unfamiliar. 
In fact It wasn't until I met my husband that any Christian faith even entered my life. I can remember going to church with his family on Sunday's and I was always a nervous wreck because I didn't know what to do, how to act, when to sit or stand or what any of the prayers were.
Slowly over the years I have gotten much more comfortable and realized that our church is like our family. I had never experienced anything like that before. 

I still have a lot to learn. I really want to take bible study classes if and when I ever get time. In fact, if any of you lovely ladies of God have any advice for me on how to learn a bit more at home or on my own, I am would love to know. I feel just reading the Bible won't get me the foundation I need to begin properly. I have a lot to learn:)

I have witnessed first hand what a positive thing the church is for my husband and in his life and I want that for my children especially but also myself.

So that is a little back round on my faith. I am a happy beginner but already have felt such an amazing amount of love and compassion and selflessness come from the members of our church, Honestly, it amazes me. I've never seen anything like it nor did I know that's what it was all about, one big, beautiful community.

All through my teens and most of my twenties, I was always searching for something to fill a void, a huge hole in my life. I filled that hole with endless nights of partying and meaningless days. I was desperate, always searching, searching, searching for something to calm myself. I think maybe if I had the church in my life i may have been more grounded, felt like I had a place of solice, instead of feeling incredibly alone and scared in times of hardship. 

So, sadly I don't get to make it to church nearly as much s I'd like as my husband plays in the church band so I am left to manage 2 toddlers by myself at 7 months pregnant which let me tell you can be quiet the task to say the least! So I will be looking froward to the days when they are old enough to sit through a whole service or attend Sunday school and then I can enjoy the service as well. 

So I'd just like to end by saying that God is really good, whatever God that may be for you in your life, God is ALWAYS, ALWAYS good and tonight I am eternally grateful! 


Wrap: Evy's Tree (my friend Amy's amazing shop, go check it out)
Dress: Gap
Boots: Uggs 
Necklace: handmade in Taos, gift from my oldest friend
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Carolynn Markey said...

You are a super cute mama! Keep hanging in there girl :) and thanks for sharing!

Susan said...

You are glowing! I was low on iron with my second as well...you need those pills!
Hang in there girl. Love ya! xo

Anella said...

Lovely Pictures :) - Hang on in there! Oh & I lovvvve your boots :P

Jena said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog from the Christmas Tree Linky!!

I'm super jealous of cute pregnant people like you. I always looked like a huge, acne covered, swollen, mess!!

New Follower!!

Lisa @ MMT said...

You are just glowing! Such a beautiful momma! I've been worrying a lot about my weight lately, because I gained over 3 pounds in just a week, and its stressing me out. After reading your post I realized that it shouldn't. I'm dying to get back out there running and I know that we will both be able to lose the weight as long as we stay motivated after baby!
Also, I am new to faith too. It's been about a year since I've really began to take my faith seriously and I've witnessed first hand how amazing God is. So thanks for the encouragement today and thanks for sharing your faith background :)

Anne Hill said...

You look so cute! New to your blog but I LOVE running and I'm preggo too!

Jen said...

Three thoughts-
1. Uggs look even more amazing on
2. Cost would still be a factor but Cloroxygen is GREAT for anemia and doesn't have the side effects of iron. You can find it at whole foods or natural food stores.. It is a liquid that you put 18 drops into an 8oz glass of water twice/day. I carry it in my purse or work bag in a plastic baggie. Works wonders for that iron count which you do really want to be up not only for your energy level now but also for that natural labor you're planning :)
3. I'm so glad y'all have found a church and that you are excited to read more of your Bible! Praise God. Beth Moore has some great bible studies but they are long and innvolved and time consuming so it might not be practical right now with 2 little ones. The Jesus storybook bible by Sally Loyld Jones would be great for both you and your kids. It is very elementary, but it does a great job of lying out the gospel in simple easy to understand stories. We've done bible studies with that with our college students and it is great.


Melissa Bo said...

You look great! =)

I have some inspirational books that I read, maybe you might can find the Daily Devotional books.. ( that are short stories and prayers )..that way you can just read them when you have time. =

Provocative Manners said...

You look so beautiful preggo! Love the wrap! Looks cozy warm:)

Carlee, Almost Endearing said...

Oh my gosh you look absolutely gorgeous! So stunning and congrats.
Almost Endearing

Blogging while single and over 30 said...

Hello! I'm Jessica from Blogging While Single! You are just such a beautiful mother and mother to be. I enjoyed reading your blog. I will continue to pray for you and your family. I would recommend a study bible with notes and background. You can also find them online. I personally like devotions. I get them for free via email every afternoon. That would be a great start! Peace and blessings!

Shary said...

We're the same in gestation! Congrats to us for being mamas! Stopping by! I'm your newest follower.

Sarah said...

Hanna, so great to meet you! I'm your newest follower :) Thanks for following my blog as well! Can't wait to explore! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Kristin Dawn said...

Hi Hanna! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, I am now following you too. Beautiful pictures! :D


Holly said...

I hardly ever went to church growing up...it was just something my family did on Christmas and Easter. Now that I have my own family we have joined a church and I am so thankful I am able to give my children that foundation, even if we don't get to go every week. I totally understand taking care of two kids during the service ;-)

Anyways, I just wanted to say hello and thank you for stopping by my blog...looking forward to getting to know you!

Jane Craske said...

Church was pretty much the same for me as a kiddo.

Don't be surprised to be getting that much love, you get what you give.

Laura @ Between the Lines said...

You look great! I'm almost 26 weeks with my 2nd babe (another boy). I love finding other pregos. ;)

CC said...

Hanna! You look wonderful. And someday you will have to share your Katrina story. We went through it too although thankfully didn't lose anything. I am so glad to hear you have found a wonderful church family. You need to visit Mandy's Blog biblicalhomemaking.blogspot.com. She has a series on faith and finding Jesus - great information for your journey and it's free. :)


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