I have had A LOT on my mind the past 2 weeks. 

I've spent hours crunching numbers, figuring out how to keep the utilities from being shut off, the car from exploding, oh and don't forget the food and the mortgage.

However, God is very good and on the positive 
I went out on maternity leave last week and ever since then there has been a strange sense of calm, of course along with the sheer terror of how in the world we will support ourselves, but none the less, C-A-L-M. 

I haven't had that in what feels like an eternity!!!!! 

I've said this a million times before and I'll say it again. I ALWAYS saw myself as a career mom. I always "knew" I would work full time even after I had kids. 

Of course that was before I actually HAD any kids. 

HA! Wow, how things change, huh?

Well, I just have a very strong instinct that tells every part of my being I should be HERE, AT HOME cooking and cleaning and being the best parent I can to my babies. I feel like they deserve that.  
Yes, it's stereotypical, yes, I sound like some old house wife from the 50's but it's true. 

I am truly at my happiest, most calm when I am at home.

 Maybe when the kids get older and go to school this will all change and I'll have the urge to work again and have my own identity back but for now I don't want to go anywhere; these kids ARE my identity!

Now, mind you this is not even an option for me at the time being, unfortunately this stay at home mom "LUXURY" is only temporary. I absolutely have to go back to work when the new baby arrives but for now I am reveling in every second here at home. 

Cutest Pajama Bugs around!!!!!

I'm telling you I am in rare form. 

On Monday I spent an hour and a half scrubbing the stove and inside the microwave. Then I mopped the floors and made garlands. I've been cooking everything in sight and ALL the laundry baskets are empty, dishes clean, toys picked up.
 I dug all the new born stuff out of storage and cleaned the nursery somewhat.   I am even going to tackle the dreaded potty training with Milton next week. 

Wow, I'm brave, aren't I?
Isn't my new red and gold tissue garland to die for???? I LOVE it!!!! Find my tutorial {HERE}


I know......C*R*A*Z*Y right? 
It HAS to be the bizzaro nesting instinct. 


What can I say, I love making my house a home. Cheesy as it sounds, it's me! I wish I could really fill out the house wife stereo type and get a minivan. 


Oh how I'd laugh at myself if I only knew the things that would end up fulfilling me 20 years later. 

I also think in the face of such hard times, it is really important to be GRATEFUL, incredibly GRATEFUL for what you have and the best way to get outside of yourself is to get into helping and giving to others!!


We made cookies and pot pies for the neighbors who just had a baby and are currently planning all the other delicious baked goods we'll give out this year for Christmas to neighbors, family, and church friends.

I am very grateful that my husband has stepped up to the plate and gotten 4 part time jobs in past 2 months. 

YES FOUR!!!!! 

And I couldn't be more proud of him. What a great man I married. He got a very prestigious job as the percussion teacher at The New Mexico School for the Arts. It's kind of a big deal and we're REALLY proud of him. He also got a job teaching at the world famous Santa Fe Opera, a part time baking job(in case you didn't know he's also a chef), and of course his private students that he teaches here out of our home studio. 

Oops I forgot one, he also gigs several times a month! So I guess that makes 5 jobs!!!! 


I would also like to report that after months and months of struggling to find names for the baby we officially have them picked out for both sexes!!!!

 I think my husband and I might be the pickiest people on the face of the earth when it comes to baby name picking. 

 I am glad this is the last round of "guess the baby's name for months on end". 

Because It's exhausting!!! AMEN! 
Nope I'm not gonna tell ya what they are but I am very relieved that the baby can come out and not be nameless for a month. 


P.S. This POST made me laugh so hard I nearly lost control of my bladder, seriously, the kids were napping and it was horrible, I laughed so hard I cried and and my sides ached. I related on so many levels it was ridiculous. Finally someone just came right out and said how it really is. 


If you have 5 minuets READ THIS. You'll laugh until your you have a side stitch, I promise.
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Amy said...

Glad you are enjoying your time at home :) And can't wait to find out the name of the little bug in your tummy!!

Cate @ Wild Ruffle said...

I don't think it sounds "old housewife from the 50s" to want to be home, but maybe that's because I stay at home. So glad you at least get to be a temporary stay at home mommy since that's what your heart desires.:)

Heather said...

I can't say enough how much I love you blog! The way you write is so real and honest, it makes me feel like I really know you and I love that! You're a really great person.

Side note: I'm LOVING in the "best of" series going on right now. Awesome stuff--some of which I haven't seen before.

Thanks thanks!

Jolene said...

I get that...totally and completely! I've been blessed with 7 children and I can't imagine being away from them all day everyday! I'd be in a rubber room!

As far as names go? I really enjoy talking about names! We've got a few common ones with our 7 and a few not so common and I've always got a list going of my faves!

Elizabeth said...

Love this post. You are the best things that you could ever possibly give your kids! They are so lucky to have you & your husband!

SemiCleanSlate...In Progress said...

So happy that you were able to find your calm. I struggle daily with it as well and I have only myself and my beautiful daughter to worry about.

Best of luck with everything!

Char said...

So glad you decided on names :) What a relief, right?! Keeping close tabs on you mama and this new baby :) Being home with the kids is wonderful, I wish it could last longer for you :(

Melissa said...

Im glad you are feeling better! =)

Enjoy your time at home, ( sounds like you have been busy! )
Your kids are getting so big!! =)

Char said...

P.S. just read that post you linked to. SOOOO. DARN. FUNNY!!! Granted my child can't get out of his bed (crib) yet I think we are in a phase where he does this type of prolonging bed time. SOOO funny! xoxo

SuzyQpon said...

I am so darn nosey by nature and am just aching to know the little one's gender and name!!! Anyhow, laughed my butt off when I read that article. So glad to know it's not just me that gets a little too much pleasure out of my victory lap each night! That said, I am extremely jealous of you right now. Cookies, pot pies, cleaning, decorating, kissing kiddos... Oh yes please! I would love that. Enjoy it while you can. And yes, your kiddos are super cute PJ bugs (second only to my son but, you know, I am biased)! :)

Hannah, Horn, and Hannabert said...

You posted on me from a Monday Blog Hop and I finally had some time to read your post. I appreciate your honesty and I completely feel the financial stress you write about. That is wonderful your husband is able to work part-time jobs. My husband and I have worked part-time in addition to our full-time jobs for the past seven years. We keep hoping for an end where we can work just one job each. Here's to a New Year where we both find ourselves with our husbands more often!


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