I love to do questionnaires. In fact they may be one of my all time fave activities! 

It's a great way to explore yourself and really makes you think about who you really are.

I love that! 

I've posted many questionnaires here before but usually one's I find and answer,  so today I am hoping that I haven't blabbed so much that you have nothing left to ask me.

I would love for you to ask me any questions you have for me. 

Nothing is off limits. 

Part of what I pride myself on is honestly, especially on this blog. I think it is REALLY important for others to see that we are not alone and we all struggle and we all make it though tough times. I try to be inspirational in the depths of fear and despair! 

Hey, but I also try to be the life of the party too!!!! 

I do not like to hide the more difficuilt parts of life; we all have them and that's okay. In fact it's a huge part of what makes us strong, powerful souls.

So please, I would love to get some questions from you; anything from my favorite food to my struggles with depression, honestly, I'm happy to answer whatever you are curious about!!!!

ASK AWAY!!!!!!! 

I love this. It's so fun for me!!!!!

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Songstress Lyrical said...

I don't have any questions but I think you are so pretty. Thank you so much for find me in the blogspehere :) Hope to see you back soon. Btw I am now following you through GFC

SS <3

Jane @ urbanejane. said...

Hi Hanna! I'm so glad that you dropped by my blog, and that we can connect through blogging! I just adore your blog (the recipes all look ridiculously yummy), and I have to say that you are a stunning person pregnant and not! Lol
-Jane @

Elizabeth said...

I love getting to know more about you! :)
1. What would you consider your #1 greatest achievement in life?
2. What is your hands down most amazingly favorite memory of your relationship with your husband??

Coveting A Cottage said...

Q1: If you didn't have/weren't able to have children, how would your life be different?

Q2: Do you see a therapist for your depression? Do you feel like it has helped you?

Q3: If you had to live on three foods/dishes for the rest of your life what would they be?

I know these questions are kind of all over the place. I hope they are not too invasive/inappropriate.

Take care,


Coveting A Cottage said...
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Mary Ann said...

Do you take meds for your depression now or only when you're not pregnant?

Irfan Butt said...

I simply love your blog..

Shona Wood said...

I just found your blog and don't really have any questions right now but will be sure to ask some as I read your posts and get to know you better. This pic of you is gorgeous! I'm a new follower, thanks for sharing :)


Heather said...

I don't exactly have a question but I'm wondering if you can try and explain depression/what you go through to those of us who have never dealt with it. I try REALLY hard to be compassionate and understanding but--as someone who is happy by default--I just don't get it. I feel awfully ignorant.


Eve Myers said...

This is kinda an odd question, but what are some ways your family has been able to help you with your depression? And what are some things that have helped them?

Char said...

I know I'm late (just reading through all your posts!) but thought I'd add to the questions :)
1. Any plans to do a "words of wisdom from a mom's viewpoint" type of post/series?
2. Your thoughts on going back to work after baby #3 comes?
3. What is your favorite holiday(s) and why?

Much love xoxo


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