Lotus Blossom Holiday Necklace Giveaway

I absolutely and utterly adore this woman; smart, talented, wise, full of grace and spunk. 

In honor of Audrey we have a necklace to give away today! 

Need a GORGEOUS statement piece for your holiday party dress?

Look no further!!!!! 

Let me introduce you to the "Audrey" Necklace. I think very appropriatly named!!!! 

One lucky reader is getting the chance to win this gorgeous necklace from 

Lotus Blossom Design

To enter simply fill out the Rafflecopter!!! GOOD LUCK!!!! 


Karly said...

Super cute necklace, I love it! I had to follow her via email, for some reason GFC hates me. My email address that can be used for verification is karlygomez630@gmail.com!

Ladies Holiday said...

I love that quote-especially today! Thanks for joining our hop and we are following you too :)

Christine said...

I just LOVE LOVE the necklace!!!

Sundaro said...

A beautiful necklace to lift your spirits for the holidays❤


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