Random Pics and Tips

TIP #1. How to Make The Perfect Care Package

When making a proper care package there are just certain rules. I never knew that I had a gift for this until my husband, in our days of dating days, pointed  out that I may be the best care package giver in the entire land. Hmmm...Who knew?


Well.......Here's the scoop if you want it to be very special:

1. Find a box not too big or small. You want a box that will fit everything you are giving snuggly. A huge box with only a little in it is ugly (sorry but it's true)

2. Line the inside of the box with tissue paper, any color or kind will do. It just makes it look fancy and we all like fancy, right? 


3. Plan to have a very nice variety of items. This Is the most important step. I suggest at least one food item, maybe a reading material (magazine, book) this depends on the occasion of the care package. I also suggest one more expensive or "nicer" item but only one. It could be a piece of clothing or a purse, wallet, earrings....etc. You could also put some socks or pretty markers in there. Again it depends on the occasion. 

4. Finally you MUST wrap every little item individually. It is so fun to get a box filed with a million little things to unwrap. It feels bigger and more special than a box full of what could look like junk. 
Then I always fill it with some kind of confetti or glitter balls or colored shredded paper; just something really fun to put it over the top and rally adds a "WOW" factor!!!! 

And there you have it!!

 Oh and I ALWAYS, ALWAYS add a greeting card on top:)

(Below, care package for a friend with a huge hole in her heart at the moment)
(I hope it brought one tiny ounce of cheer to her broken spirit)

Tip #2. How to salt and pepper your food properly

The makings of mushroom risotto!!!! 
 ALWAYS salt and pepper as you go, so salt the mushroom mix, then salt the rice. If you have more than 2 pots going at a time, salt and pepper them all to taste so at the end you when you mix them together for the finished product you don't end up with a huge pot of tasteless food that you have to add a cup of salt to taste properly. 

Also, if you are making pasta PLEASE, people please salt thh water prior to boiling, It't your only chance to salt it. It should salty like the sea. And PLEASE don't over cook it. Al Dente Por Favor:) I'm Italian, this is a very important subject for me! 

I'm very serious about food! seriously!!!! 

Tip #3. How to Make Steak House Baked Potatoes

If you want steak house baked potatoes, you must wash, poke with a fork several times, rub with olive oil, sprinkle tops with kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper, and wrap in tin foil and bake. VOILA! Steakhouse potato! 

Tip #4 How to Make Collard Greens Taste Good

If you want your collard greens to taste good AT ALL you better boil them with lots of ham hocks. 
That's all!!!! 

Tip #5 How To Not Make Your Self Insane
Don't give your kids giant sippy cups full of hot cocoa, whip cream and sprinkles regardless of how lovely it seems at the time. 
Just trust me. 

We ended up with a busted lip, cocoa all over the furniture and about 300,000 tantrums. 

Just trust me! 

Hope you enjoyed my tips and tricks!!!! 

Happy holidays beautiful people!!!

P.S. I have so many delicious recipes, fashion posts at 7.5 months pregnant, yes I actually still have something to wear and some amazing guest posts coming up.  

I'm excited!!!! And I am so glad to back to blogging full time. It really does make me happy!!!!  

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Brooke Coulter said...

Love the care package idea! There is nothing better than making someone feel good and brightening their days! New recipe ideas are my fave! Thanks for sharing!
XO Brooke

Susan said...

This is one of the best posts ever! Love your care package ideas (and I'm in the midst of putting one together so this is BRILLIANT) and thanks for the warning! lol.

Mary Beth said...

Hi there! I'm coming back at you from www.beingthomebynature.com I'm also a new follower, and fellow lover of collard greens!

Jeans and a Teacup said...

Mmmm....that potato looks so good! And so do the mushrooms! I love the care package idea too. Lots of good tips!

Heather said...

I loooove this post! Your care package ideas are brilliant and now that I have read them, they seem like common sense, but I never would have thought of them myself!

Bridget said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and being my newest follower. I'm now yours too :) Your blog is super cute!

Emmy said...

Hey, thanks for the tips and for stopping by my blog- the care package looks gorgeous.

MERYL JAFFE, PhD - parent, psychologist, teacher, author... said...

Oh I am so glad you found me so I could find you! Super post and super ideas. I am your newest follower - returning your follow - and look forward to more visits. Have a great week.

Prowess and Pearls said...

Thanks for the tips! I concur with your husband...you ARE a pretty good care package giver!;) Love your blog, following you now! Thanks for stopping by my new blogging friend! ;) Have a blessed rest of your week!

Provocative Manners said...

Hey! Stopping by from Provocative Manners! Thanks for visiting us, we are now following your fun blog!

Kate said...

Great post!
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Heather said...

This post is great!! I'm making up and sending out a care package today for my brother who is on a mission right now and won't be home for Christmas. These are some great tips!

Can't wait for more recipes--the pumpkin rolls turned out great :)

Amanda Cabe said...

Thank you so much for following me!! What a delightful, delightful blog and so much fun to read!! I am following and definitely looking forward to more posts!! Your Newest Fan!! :)


Laurie Collett said...

Wonderful tips, especially the care package! Thanks so much for commenting on & following Saved by Grace! It is a blessing to "meet" you!
Love in Him,

Bonnie Way said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. These are great tips!!! I admit I often forget to salt... my hubby is always adding salt at the table. I'll try to remember your tips! :)


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