The Holidays are on My Mind

Oh My Gosh.........It's December 1st!!!! How can Christmas possible be in a few weeks! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! 
My husband and I have decided not to exchange gifts again this year. Our joint present will be a case of Blue Runner beans which I have to special order because you can only buy them in the South ans they are wonderful. You know your broke when A case of canned beans makes you happy on Christmas:) 

Well, I have officially gone out on maternity leave due to all my psychological and physical problems with this last pregnancy. 

How does that make me feel? 
Hmmm....pretty much TERRIFIED and relieved all at the same time! 

Making it to work for 14 hours on my feet and lifting 300 pound patients with no help and only a 30 minuet break was excruciating at the end. It took all my strength to set foot in that hospital so I am very relieved that is over for now.

However, times couldn't be tougher. 
Two days ago a pipe under our house broke and water was shooting into our guest bathroom, flooding it. Thank goodness the plumers were here in a matter of an hour but we have no idea how much damage was done or if our house is permanently damaged with mold. Not to mention a very hefty bill which we can't even come close to paying. Boy when it rains it really pours, especially in my house! We're hoarding food at the moment we're so broke.

So my wishes this holiday season are the ability to buy a Christmas tree for my kids, enough food to get through the holidays or any day really, the mental strength to survive this, and a healthy baby inside me. 

So enough negativity..........Lets move on to the positive!

Even though we have no money what so ever, I managed to scrounge up some quarters and bought some pretty tissue paper for a couple dollars and I am going to make tissue, tassel garlands with my husband's industrial strength twine:). I'm a little overly excited about it as I haven't had the time or energy to do anything like this in a very long time. I will be sure to post the "DIY, how to" once I finish. 

Also, We always have moose munch (chocolate covered popcorn) around the holidays and this year we can't afford to buy it so I'm going to make some myself and I am so excited to share that recipe too!!! I have a few more cheap crafty things and recipes to share too. I hope you stick around to see them.

I also dragged out some of the Christmas decorations and started getting the house a little more festive. We still don't have a tree but soon I hope!!!! Here's what We've done so far! The kids little eyes light up and it warms my heart to see the magic through their eyes!
Figurines and gold Christmas Trees
Our outdoor wreath number one. This goes on the front gate to the house.
Baskets that look like drums filled with scented pine cones
Holy berries around the fire place
Outdoor wreath number 2. This is the front door to the house. This is our Musical wreath.

On another positive, wonderful note, My dear, dear friend Natalie came over and spent 2 glorious hours with me chatting this week. 

My husband took the kids out shopping and we were alone for 2 whole hours and just got to have GIRL TIME!!!! oh precious girl time. It is the rarest treat for me and I loved every single second of it!!! Finally someone to talk to who gets it! 

Not to mention she brought me a gift. I know!!1 I know!!! It totally couldn't have gotten any better AND LOOK AT IT!!!! "What I wore" post coming right up with this baby!!! And you better bet this is my Christmas clutch FOR SURE!!! 

If you all are looking for a way to spread holiday cheer my friend Ashley has an amazing guide with 51 ideas for spreading holiday cheer. go HERE to check it out!!!!!

I hope you'll all stick around for the fun I'm planning to make out of nothing! It can be done. You just have to get creative! 
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Lisa @ MMT said...

So sorry to hear about the tough times friend! You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers this holiday season. I am happy to see that you are on leave from your job and can enjoy your pregnancy a little without all the stress.
Also, your decor is cute! I can't wait to see your future post :) good for you getting some girl time in!

Kittie Howard said...

Okay, girl, what kind of Blue Runner beans do you want? I'm sending you some. And, no, you ain't saying no. Please e-mail me soonest:

Lindsay said...

Just popping in to say hello. Ive been so bad at commenting lately. Thinking of you lots. Hope you are feeling well xoxo

Robyn Burke said...

I know the scary feeling having no money can bring!! We are living that every day right now.... living in crisis mode takes its toll....

tiarenie said...

Your house looks so christmasy and cozy already! Im excited to see the DIY!


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