Two Babies? 100 Pound Weight Gain? No Problem!!!!

Is there life after having 2 babies and gaining 100 pounds????

I'm living proof! 

Hi there,

I am a busy mom of two toddlers, a full time critical care nurse, runner, blogger, wife, and I am currently expecting my 3rd child. I'm a busy lady!!! 

This is me! 

It's so nice to meet you. Today I am going to share my weight loss journey with you.
I hope I can help inspire some of you who have had a baby or two and found yourself stuck in a rut, struggling with weight and just not feeling like your self anymore. I have been there my friends. I have lost 116 pounds and am so excited to share my story and inspiration with you. 

 I went from a size 22 to a size 4. 

Here I am with my little loves. My son little Milton is just over 2 .5 now and Ginger is 18 months. I am 27 weeks pregnant with baby #3.   I'm a busy lady!

Meet my husband, big Milton!!!

So this is how my story begins.......

1. First, we were a happy couple!!!!

2. Then we fell in love and got married.

3. Then I got pregnant........

4. Gained 100 + pounds........

5. And had a beautiful baby boy.

My life was forever changed in more ways than one.

First of all let me say that I honestly feel like my life had truly just begun with the birth of my children. I have love for them like I never knew existed. I often feel like my heart might burst with joy when look at their shining little faces. You can read more about me and my transition into motherhood {here}

However, this is what I looked like with my first born. Then I got preganant again 4 month later. WOW! I was pregnant for 2 years straight.

The wonderful news was I was a mom and had given birth to a healthy baby boy and girl. The not so wonderful news was that I had become obese! Yes, obese. Not exactly how I wanted to describe myself but the honest truth.

Honestly, when I was pregnant I thought I was so big because of the baby not realizing that when the baby came out I was going to be just as big. I was completely shocked at my size. When I looked in the mirror I had no idea what I was even looking at. I felt like I was trapped in someones else's body; a very uncomfortable body.

Brutal Honestly of what being Obese feels like:
  • My thighs rubbed together and I would develop a rash if I didn't have pants between my legs at all times.
  • I had little bumps in my armpits where I would shave because they would rub against my upper arm and chafe.
  • I couldn't cross my legs
  • My back ached; I could barley lift my new born baby without throwing my back out
  • I was always sweaty, especially under my breasts
  • I felt disgusting; I have never been so uncomfortable in my life.
  • I was embarrassed. I would run into an old friend and they would kind of look at me like "oh that poor girl used to be so cute but now she had kids and look at her" I HATED THAT!!!
  • I had stretch marks ALL over my abdomen, thighs, upper arms and even down to the back of my shins because I had gotten so big.
  • Nothing fit. I wore pajamas and plus size maternity clothes for a VERY LONG TIME!
  • I stopped caring totally about my appearance; Never making an effort to look nice.
  • My wedding rings didn't fit and I had gained so much weight some of my shoes wouldn't even fit.
    Basically, I just felt horrible inside and out. I felt very unattractive. I would hardly let my husband touch me becasue I felt so ashamed of my body. I stopped wearing make up all together. I wore my hair pulled back every single day and always was in old ratty PJ's. It was so depressing. I was really unhappy.

    It wasn't long before I knew I had to loose the weight and not just a few pounds, I knew I needed to loose A LOT, and so my journey began.........

    I was motivated and darn right DETERMINED to loose this weight. I wanted to be healthy and happy for me, my husband and my kids, It wasn't just about me. I have heard over and over again in my life that "you should just love who you are no matter what size". I love that and I think it's a great sentiment but the honest truth is for me I couldn't love myself in that condition. What's there to love about not feeling good? When I am thinner, I feel healthy, sexy, accomplished and it radiates to all areas of my life. 
    Here are a couple before and after pictures that I hope you find inspiring.

    Starting out is the hardest part of the whole journey. Lossing 100+ pounds is a very daunting task to say the least but 

    I am just an average, everyday woman and I did it. That means you can too! 

     I did it completely on my own. I never joined Jenny Craig or weight watchers. I didn't take diet pills, have surgery or starve myself.   I just had a vision of who I wanted to be and I made that vision come to life, Again, you find my detailed plan {HERE}

    I think it is important to think about it long and hard before committing to something like this becasue it is a long journey but it is VERY attainable. If you have a little will power and a little dicipline you can make it happen.  It's important to set a reasonable, realistic goal and you can read more about that in my {GUIDE}

    I wanted to talk a little bit about common pit falls. Many women who desperately want to loose weight will come up with a list of reasons why they don't think they can acheive thier goals so I just wanted to let you know that there is always a way. Here is how I dealt with many typical obsicles while trying to loose weight.

    Common Obsticles:
    • NO CHILDCARE.   I am a full time mom and a full time nurse. I have no childcare whatsoever. I made time to exercise anyway. I bought a double stroller and a baby carrier and I walked everyday. You don't need to go to a gym to loose weight. I did while taking care of 2 babies under the age of 2.
    • FULL TIME WORK.  I also work full time as a nurse, 12 hour night shifts to top it off. You must make time to prepare food for yourself to bring with you to work so youtr not tempted to eat the junk in the cafeteria.
    • A SPOUSE WHO WON'T FOLLOW THE SAME MEAL PLAN AS YOU.     My husband eats pretty much everything I don't eat. He eats sweets, breads, potatoes, pastas. He eats whatever he wants. So no big deal. Prepare meals that can be shared by both like prepare chicken, mashed potatoes and broccoli. You eat the chicken and broccoli and let him eat everything else. You'll be surprised how easy it is to make it work. 
    • NO TIME. I worked full time and was a full time mom during my entire weight loss plan. My best advice is to be prepared. ALWAYS, keep snack friendly food around the house and carry it with you wherever you go, fruit, almonds, cottage cheese are great examples. This way you won't be tempted to binge on whatever food is lying around the house.
      I have dieted many times in the past and this is the first time in my life I have lost this amount of weight in the healthiest way I know how. I never felt hungry or deprived.

      My best advice is BE KIND. BE GENTLE. FORGIVE YOURSELF and then jump right back on that wagon and try agin. Concictency was my greatest tool.

      A few more tips:
      • Be grateful everyday
      • Just let it go
      • Remind yourself how amazing you are, this is hard work
      • Talk about it, accept praise from others, if you work hard, you deserve praise. It feels so good
                           Some of My Favorite Healthy Snack Foods:
      -carrots and celery with ranch dipping sauce
      - Dannon light n fit yogurt with fresh chopped berries
      -raw almonds with small cheddar cheese wedges on the side

                               My Favorite Junk Splurge:
      -Probably Nutella. I can eat straight out of the jar.
      -I also love cupcakes
      -I'm a super duper lover of pasta and bread and all things carbs

      You can find a more detailed outline in what I did physically to help lop off the pounds in my original post but after I reached about 140 pounds I started running. I didn't want to start running sooner than that because I didn't want to get injured so I power walked 2-5 miles a day with the kids for months and months and months until I got slimmer! Then I started running!

      I have had a life long dream to train for and run a full marathon. About 5 years ago I trained but got injured 3 weeks from the race so I did not finish. However, I did start training again and ran  2 half marathons, a 5 K and a 10 K while 4 months pregnant. It was amazing!  

      I just have to say that I feel better now after having 2 babies than I have ever felt in my life. A few days ago my husband told me I look better now at 33 years old, after having 2 children then I did when I was 18 years old. WOW! 

      Not only am I in love with being a mother but now I can truly enjoy my kids and feel great about myslelf. What a great example for my kids as well. They see their mom as healthy, happy and radiant. That is a wonderful thing my friends.

      I truly hope that I have helped to inspire at least one of you to give it a try. It is possible. It is doable even with kids and work and every other crazy thing life throws at you. I am passionate about this and I would truly be happy to answer any questions or just chat about how difficuilt weight loss can be.  Again, you can find EXACTLY how I did it {HERE}Please feel free to email me anytime at ""

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      Melissa said...

      Hi Hanna! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I noticed you deleted your comment :( Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hi! p.s. you look amazing!!!!

      Cai said...

      Thanks for the sweet blog love :)
      and wow. Your story is absolutely amazing. So inspiring!!


      Char said...

      You are truly inspiration :) You have such a determined personality, it radiates to others. To me anyway :) That last 'before and after picture' you don't even look like the same person. As tough as it probably was to see yourself in that way, it had to have taken so much strength, mental and physical, to overcome that. For THAT alone, you are a strong woman :) Thanks for sharing!

      Amy said...

      I can't get enough of your story :) I just love it!!

      menopausal mama said...

      You look amazing! Thanks for visiting my site--I'm now following you back via GFC. Thanks for sharing!

      Laura said...

      amazing story!!! you are a champ! much love :)

      Regina said...

      Hanna...congrats to begin with and thank you thank you for the inspiration. I have read two of your post regarding your journey and feel as though perhaps there is hope for me too. I'm not a youngin like you ^_^ but with having a 10 year old I am young at heart and want to be able to give him great memories of us doing FUN things without me having to stop and rest.


      Jess @ Operation Skinny Jeans said...

      Omg you are so inspirarional!! Thank you for commenting on my blog and bringing me to you!!! I am so proud of you and holycrapyoulookamazing!!!


      Heather said...

      I always love reading about your weight loss story. So inspirational and I love your common sense, no nonsense approach! And if I haven't told you before, you're one of the main reasons I started running! And I looooove it!

      Rochelle said...

      You look amazing! You are too hot to be a mom lol. Your blog is really cute! RoRos World

      Lauren said...

      Wow!!! This is SUCH an amazing story and the before and afters are incredible! You are one hot mama!!! I have already forwarded your blog to a few of my friends who are looking for inspiration. THIS is incredible and you look great!!!!


      RACHEL TaoOfPoop said...

      Wow, what a story! I am so impressed. I don't know how you lost all that weight with two kids.

      Chloe West said...

      Dang girl good for you! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

      - Chloe

      Kate - Classy Living said...

      WOW! What a great, inspirational story to share! :)

      Angie Brewer said...

      I love love love those boots!
      Congrats on the weight loss, you look amazing and your outfits are lovely.

      Thank you for stopping by Snack Cups and Smiles, I'm following on GFC too.


      Kym said...


      Oh my goodness I am so glad that you found my blog! This post is incredibly raw, real and inspiring!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

      Chelsea Dawn said...

      Amazing story and very inspiring! Thanks for sharing Hanna!!

      The Remodeled Life said...

      Wow, what an amazing and inspiring journey you have been on! You are certainly a busy, busy woman - totally have inspired me today, thanks so much sharing! (following you back).

      Brooke said...

      Love this! Very inspirational!

      Your newest subscriber,



      gl0ssy said...

      Hanna, this is an incredible journey you have had, I know how hard it is to lose weight, I have never had to lose that much weight but whatever the number is.. is very difficult and you have done a fantastic job! You look amazing!

      prettyanddelectable said...

      WOW! Congrats, mama! What an accomplishment. Thanks for sharing!

      Brittany Campbell said...

      You are truly amazing!! This is such an inspiring story and I thank you for sharing it! I know it will help a lot of people to become healthy and believe that they can do it! Congratulations I am so proud of you!

      Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

      You look amazing!!!

      I love both of your skirts. Where did you get them?

      icecreamtomarathon said...

      Ok, now I admire you even more! I had no idea you've lost all that weight! I just assumed you've always been thin and in shape! You are such a inspiration!

      Erin Redmond said...

      You look incredible! (love your style too.) I am currently trying to lose my pregnancy weight from baby number 2 (8 weeks old). This is so inspiring and so what I need right now. thank you for sharing your tips and thanks for stopping by my blog as well! New follower :)

      Erin @casual stay at home

      Ginx Craft said...

      Thank you for your nice comment about my blog. I have been having a stroll around your blog, and am amazed by your weight loss, and really positive energy that you have. I'm not sure I'm ready for running, but am going to start a bit of powerwalking. It is so easy to overeat and not get enough exercise at this time of year.

      Lyuba @ Will Cook For Smiles said...

      Wow, that is an incredible story! You look wonderful (and I love those boots!)

      Artsy Chicks Rule said...

      Hi Hanna! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Your story is amazing and you are truly beautiful!
      I am a new follower of yours as well!

      Tiffany said...

      You are AMAZING! I have never dealt with weight gain on a serious level, but it is still difficult to get up and move just to lose five pounds. But you did SO MUCH more than that! Living proof that healthy is better!

      KraftinMommy said...

      WOW! I just can't believe those before and after photos! You don't even look like the same person. I seriously had to take a double...triple...look to make sure. You did such a great job! Very inspirational. :)

      Tiffany said...

      Girl let me just say you look AMAZING!! I am returning your follow :)

      Samantha said...

      Reading this post makes me teary eyed because I almost feel like you are telling my story. Thanks so much for the inspiration. You are so relatable and I love that you lost the weight while working full time and being a mom (like me! :))You are awesome.

      Home is whenever I'm with you said...

      Thank you for helping me realize that I don't need a miracle, I can lose this weight. I've just got to keep doing what I've been doing and not get discouraged!

      Thank you!

      Vix said...

      Wow, what an amazing journey! It's so wonderful to see how happy you are (and healthy). I've been fat and unhappy and smaller and healthier and know the difference in how I felt and how the rest of my life felt. Unfortunately I'm back on the trying to become thinner and healthy uphill battle but seeing examples of wonderful women doing just that is a great motivator!

      Lauren said...

      I absolutely love that first and last photo of you!

      Honeybee Gabriel said...

      you look amaaaaaazing! thanks for the inspiration :)

      Katie Arruda said...

      your weight loss story is amazing and you look wonderful! How do you cut out carbs? That is my biggest obstacle. I love love love potatoes and pasta and I am having a hard time cutting them out and over coming the cravings. thoughts?

      hayley said...

      hi hanna! this is hayley, from purusha :) just popping by your blog and wanted to say i just think you are so cool. that's it! you are a beautiful, kind, admirable woman! thank you for sharing yourself with us all. xoxo


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