Our Family Believes.............


-Baby Wearing
-Makes our babies food (when we have time)
-Has never left our kids with anyone except their grandmother for more than 3 hours (yes I may need to let go a *tiny* bit)
-Only feeds them organic dairy and meat
-Uses disposable diapers and wipes (Boo for me)
-Doesn't force them to eat anything (trust me when I say,  kids will eventually get hungry and they will eat, there is no need to traumatize them and force food down their throats)
-Bribes with M&M's to potty train
-Has never set foot in a McDonald's or Taco Bell with them but will give them organic, tofu corn dogs and organic chicken nuggets at the drop of a hat when I need to.

Parent's Who Believe in:

-good manners
no violence discipline
-no violence play (no toy guns allowed in this house)
-baby carriers
-NEVER using UGLY words
- Letting them have hot cocoa and graham crackers on random Wednesday nights, just because! 
- playing outside 
-no video games
-reading lots of books
-home cooked meals
-no cell phones (age permitting of course)
-no ear piercing, mid-drifts, makeup or bikini's (age permitting)

As A Family:

-We only have one car and it's a whooptie
-None of us have cell phones; one land line only
-no cable TV
-Try to eat family dinner together as much as possible which only ends up being 3 times a week (boo again)
-musical instruments are EVERYWHERE
-We build lots of forts, take lots of baths
-Our favorite family restaurant is African food
-Daddy does horse play A LOT
-Love the farmer's Market
-Always have to open and eat something in the grocery before we make it to the checkout line
-Like 3 or 4 course meals, yes, my 2 and 3 year old too, not just my husband and I

Some of Our Views on Parenting:
We think children should be children! They should play outside, in the dirt and mud and water. Let them get dirty and eat stuff off the floor, it's good for them! 

We think everything in moderation is GREAT! Give them some sweet treats once and a while just not everyday. Teach them it's okay to have a little, that way they don't feel the need to binge when presented with it. We always let our kids have the cardinal lollipop from the bank, they really look forward to it:)

Be the kind of person you want your kid to be. Eat the kind of foods you want them to eat, model the type of behavior you want them to emulate. 


They should use their imaginations. They don't need to be burdened with the destructive messages that live TV provides. We don't like seeing little kids glued to iPad screens. 
It makes our hearts sad. 

Don't get me wrong, We let our kids watch DVD's and netflix and  probably way too much but I try to pretty much never let them watch "real" television. 
We read to them before every afternoon nap and every evening bedtime and anytime they want in between those. 

We are by no means perfect parents............SOOOOOOOOO far from it but we try really hard to maintain a strong, healthy, consistent environment for them, even if we're pulling our hair out  half the time.  We think the importance is that we try really hard everyday even if we feel like we're loosing the battle most of  the time. At least we are aware and we are trying our best.

We try to NEVER curse in front of the children, we also try hard to not use "ugly" words like, kill, liar, stupid, skinny, dumb, fat or any other semi degrading term. We say Gosh not God.  Words are very powerful! Teach your kids to use them wisely. This is something I had no respect for growing up and I really wish I had. I am changing that now with my own children.

I wish I could do the cloth diapering thing but I just don't have the energy with 2 toddlers and a newborn on the way so we use disposable. We wish we could afford to feed them only organic food all the time and shop only at local farmer supported markets but we cannot. I wish I had the energy to do a great art project with them every single day but I simply don't.
We wish we could afford to send them for a couple hours twice a week  to a lovely little quality school like Waldorf but we cannot.
Our goal is to teach them to read and write before they start school. My mother did that for me and I always felt ahead of the game. I was always in honors programs. School was always easy for me academically. I think a strong foundation is extremely important!!! 

We teach our kids to sneeze into their elbows, cover their mouths when they cough and always say "excuse me". They also will always say "bless you" in return. If they pass gas or belch you better bet they say "excuse me".

"Please", "thank you" and "May I" are also absolute musts!! "Yes ma'am" and "no sir" we are working on, but since we are not in the South, these come a little harder out West. It's not in the water out here. 

Manners are important to us and our family and in my opinion good manners will take you very far in life. If you want to be taken seriously, you had better mind your manners.

We teach our children to communicate very openly with us. If they are acting out we will often ask,  "what is frustrating you? How can we help you?" instead of just jumping instantly to discipline.  
We teach them that we are here to guide them and help them, not to judge them. 

Hug, kiss, be affectionate, tell them a million times a day how much you love them and how beautiful and smart they are. You could never tell them enough!!!! 

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Lauren said...

Im pretty sure that your kids are going to grow up to be wonderful people! I wish that I did some of these things on your list! PS. the photos are so cute. Love that striped skirt.


Sarah Mc. said...

We'd get along great. I believe a lot the same! I wish we could afford to eat organic, but we're back on Hamburger Helper since I quit working. I so miss Whole Foods. =( We did cloth diaper and baby carry! My boy is 3 now, he's getting stickers for potty training. The chocolate plan back fired on me.... booo. My big boy still sleeps in our bed! I love every minute of it. Even when his feet are in my ribs (some things never change).

xo, Sarah
@ One Sweet Tuesday

Dara said...

love this. love that breastfeeding is your 1st thing on the list. it's super high on mine too. :)

Aanika Milne said...

Beautiful.. you sound like you are doing a wonderful job and have lovely values! Very inspiring! :) And you're looking absolutely gorgeous! Pregnancy is more than agreeing with you! :) Love for the new year,

Aanika from The Active Mum xo

Kel said...

You are amazing and your children will be too xx

aree1997 said...

Aww lovely family. My parents are always hard when the matter turns on manners :)Oh haha Mc Donald's is not much liked by my dad but he never let us know about it!

Aree With Umbrella

beth @ {a latte inspiration} said...

I agree with alot of your parenting beliefs. We don't have kids yet but I feel if you make your belief known before then they're much easier to follow through later. I've already told my mom not to feed my kids McDonalds.I think the hardest part will be the grandparents abiding to your wishes, but we'll see in the future. ;)

Maria said...

beautiful photos. and beautiful way of life. i really admire that you've never brought your kids to taco bell and mcdonald's...i am a (slightly recovering) taco bell-aholic! :)

Char said...

Gosh we would be amazing friends :) I mean we are amazing friends. I love all of your beliefs and believe the same. You and your husband are raising some pretty great kids. The fact you instill these things is great. Much love xoxo


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