*snipits* of J-O-Y in My Everyday

My son......asleep in our bed.
 I just lie there staring at him sometimes wondering what in the world I did to deserve him.

When I was VERY pregnant with Ginger we decided that 3 bedrooms wasn't going to be enough because my husband always needs a studio to work out of  for his music. We remodeled the garage into a really nice music studio. 
I didn't decorate it but I managed all the work, workers, ordering of supplies, hanging of the sound proof professional theater drape......etc. 

I think it's actually quiet warm and inviting.

Lately these 2 have been asking to take bubble baths constantly! They are so cute. Little Milton promptly applies a bubble beard to himself and then Ginger.

These soft baked chocolate chip cookies are killing me I tell you. I can't seem to go a single week without baking another HUGE batch.

My little girl, my beautiful, beautiful girl! 

My friend Heather from {MENU MAMA} sent me some essential oils to help with A LOT of my pregnancy  ailments and I am so grateful. Thank you Heather!

My son, my first born, my heart.

My Chi flat iron that I cannot live without and my new found love for hot rollers. Yes, they actually work. The last time I tried these was in the eighties and now they actually come in only jumbo so you don't end up with horrid looking Annie hair. 

L*O*V*E these. SO HAPPY!!!!!

Notes to my husband!

A couple months ago we started preparing for the new baby by getting the "big kids" room in order so we could move Ginger out of the nursery, if you can call them big kids at 3 and 23 months:) 
So they both got twin size beds, we just skipped the whole toddler bed step!!! Tonight will be Ginger's first night in her hew big girl twin bed. Let's pray she stays in it and LOVES being close to her big brother! 

Yes, once in a while it does exist and I am so grateful for it!!!! 

I just want to say that although we are going through a hard time we have and are continuing to receive SO, SO, SO many blessings that I am again speechless.

 I have a day where I think maybe we won't make it and then the next day 200 diapers show up on my doorstep! 

So, all I can keep saying is how grateful and thankful we are. We truly need these things and somehow they are coming to us. 
God is so good!

So even through the darkest of times there is always light, sometimes we just have to look harder than others. 
Today I am walking around with a V*E*R*Y* grateful heart! 



If any of you ever receive messages from girls under the age of 18 what do you do? 

For some reason I am VERY weary to respond yet I don't want to seem uncaring or not understanding and I certainly don't want to drive them away if they have reached out to me but it terrifies me to be honest. I just feel like the blog world is a very adult world and it concerns me that they are contacting me????? I don't know why.....crazy over protective mom in me I guess.

What do you do? HELP!!!!! 
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Char said...

You have beautiful babies and I can't wait to see the next little one :) So glad you are having a great week. Paying it forward to others is a blessing ;-) Glad other's think of doing this as well as I do. Love!! xoxox

Donna said...

I'm so glad you continue to be blessed with abundance from others! I smiled when I saw your curlers and then read your description.....I use rollers everyday, and actually use them on my 4.5 year old as well. I have been using them on her since she was 2.....she sees them and she's like "Mo-oom". I know it's so old-school, but like my crockpot, I can't live without them! :-)

Katie said...

Hey, I just love this post. It's so good to remember to be grateful. Thanks for reminding me of that! I'm pregnant, and def understand having to make chocolate chip cookies A LOT!
Katie @ thecreativebubble.com

BumbersBumblings said...

love your joy post!!! What are the teen girls contacting you about?

can't live without my flat iron either!! Though I found one I love more than Chi--a Sedu! it's amazing!!

Minh Nguyen said...

Awwhh your children are soooo adorable!! Love your post <3


Leah said...

love your snippits. your babies are adorable!and wow,God is so faithful!!

in regards to the teen girls, i think it depends on what they're asking. if it's something that maybe a parent should be talking to them about and just maybe they don't feel comfortable, i might just direct them to a place with focus towards them.
one of them is becominggirls.org.

Maria said...

I love your gratefulness!! Milton and Ginger are precious and always look so happy! I LOVE Ginger's bedspread!
I hope this week continues to bless you!

suzyhomemaker said...

Cute blog!

In regards to the question, I agree with what another commenter said. Depends on the issue. If it is something I am not comfortable answering I would direct them to somewhere else. How do you know they are under 18?

Kara said...

Your babies are so stinkin' adorable I could just squeeze them! That is a great sound space you created for your hubs, you should be really proud of yourself. I'm a new follower and can't wait to learn more about you and your gorgeous family!

tiffani goff said...

Hi Hanna,

Just stopping by to visit your blog from Naptime review and I love the way it looks! Very cool....

I am a new follower...


Rebecca said...

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the follow. I am now following your blog as well!


Jersey Blogess said...

awww, that 1st pic is priceless

Dara said...

these pictures are great. I love the heart bokeh! your kids must be bff, if they aren't yet they will be! I don't know what to say about about the under 18 messages. I was following a high school girl who was cool but she hasn't blogged in awhile. I guess it depends what they write!

Social said...

Cute blog! Thanks for the follow!!! I'm following back! I look forward to visiting again!

Marion Green said...

Love this idea for a post Hanna! Such adorable photos of your kids. The sleeping one is my fav :)
Hope you are having a beautiful week friend!
xo - Marion

Aanika Milne said...

I love your beautiful attitude!! I'm only a recent follower, but I've been enjoying your blog thoroughly!

Just giving some bloggy <3

Aanika from The Active Mum xo

Lauren said...

How wonderful that people are so kind and have blessed you with gifts like this. It just makes me happy to know there are good people in the world. Your. babies. are. ADORABLE!! That bath photo! OMGoodness! I can't stand it. I love babies....esp cute ones :)



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