Valentine's Day Heart Stockings

I LOVE the holidays!!! 

If for no other reason it gives me a reason to craft, bake and put together ridiculous amounts of fun stuff for the family! 

I think the kids deserve every chance they can get to have a little magic brought into their lives and I LOVE to be the one to give it to them! 

So I decided Christmas was way too far away and love the idea of the kids waking up to a fun surprise so I thought about Valentine's Day Stockings.

I plan to stuff them with stickers, a toy and, of course, a couple chocolates. 

These were seriously easy!!!!!! 

You will Need:
-a glue gun and some glue sticks
-some bakers twine or thick thread
-a needle with a large head to thread twine 
-4-6 felt squares in different colors

1. Cut out a large heart shape from the felt and then trace it onto a matching piece and cut. You will sew these two together to make your stocking.

2. thread needle and make large stitches

3. Be sure leave the entire top open so you can stuff it after your finished.

4. Next, simply cut out several smaller hearts from different colored felt and glue to the front with a hot glue gun

5. Now but 2 small strips, fold over and glue to make a hook for each stocking. 

6. flip stockings over and glue hook onto the back.


TA DA!!!!

I hope you make something special for your kids this year!!!! 

So beautiful to see their little eyes light up!!!! 


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Jennifer Hoppins said...

Those are such a great idea Hannah! I love that they can also be a keepsake because they are fabric. Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays because it is simply about LOVE, and sweet things too.

Bonnie Rose said...

Those are so cute! I would love to make some that look like conversational hearts. hehe.

The Compass Rose

wide open spaces said...

Cute idea! I agree about bringing magic to their lives. I also add a little extra touch to everything and throw big parties. Everyone says I should of been a party planner. I love making their faces glow with excitement!
XO Happy Sunday

Monica said...

Such fun creative inspiration! My own bambinos would love this!

Michelle said...

These are so sweet, what a great idea :)


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