Wearing.....39 Weeks

Tank: Forever 21
Cardi: Target (very old)
Skirt: JCrew (very old)
Boots: Uggs

Hi there! 
Good afternoon! 

I am 39 weeks! One week till my due date. WOW! 

Today I walked 2 miles to the grocery again pushing the kids in the double BOB stroller with 2 flat tires and it was HARD. That was the last time I'll do that again! 

The baby is so low now that I can feel it's head resting between my legs and I can only waddle:) 
Lovely, I know!!! 

So, today was a special day because my mom came over for a surprise visit and said we could go get above stroller fixed as it is so essential to us only having one car. Seriously, I probably used that stroller an average of 300 days a year for 2 years straight and it was my greatest weight loss tool post baby #2.

I walked EVERYWHERE and I certainly plan to again.

Long story short, after loading the 50 lb stroller in the trunk of the car a few times, we traded it in, my mom payed the difference between the old and the new and we got the brand new, top of line double BOB model and I am ECSTATIC!!!!! I can't wait to start going on 5 mile power walks with my toddlers and my newborn strapped to me! 

However, I overdid a little bit today. I still have a house to clean and a dinner to make before I can totally sack out for the day so I might take a day or two off but I have a really, really great giveaway lined up for Friday. 

I also have my second deep tooth and gum cleaning lined up for this week and that coupled with my regular weekly OB appointments is a bit much. 

Just this week I am starting to REALLY SLOW DOWN!!!! 

I can just feel that I am unable to physically juggle everything plus my toddlers and the house so I may slow down the blog a little too! 

Mama's Tied:)

Thanks for reading. I hope your all having a great week!!! See you soon!!!!

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Amy said...

Looking beautiful at 39 weeks!! Happy to hear you got a new stroller :)

Crystal said...

Hanna,I am a new reader and I just have to tell you how wonderful your blog is. Most bloggers skim over the struggles and highlight life's privileges. Not you-it's all in here, the good, the bad and the ugly! I feel very connected to you, as I was pregnant with my third son when both my husband and I lost our jobs. life can so amazing and incredibly hard at the same time! Thanks for showing us that with your blog!!

Kaara A said...

You're just glowing! Love the cheetah ;) have a good week! Getting so close! It's been fun to watch you nearing the end of your pregnancy!
xoxo- Kaara

Elaine~ Honey Pie Accessories said...

Where did you get the Forever 21 maternity tank? I've looked on their website and cannot for the life of me find their maternity clothes! Although, according to Pinterest, they do sell them!!! Help a pregnant lady out ;) You look great too!

Stephany said...

Your bump is so adorable as so are you. I can not wait for you to meet your little love. What a blessing. And, congrats on the new stroller. Try to rest pretty Mama. ;)

Heather Carson said...

you NEED to go sit down.
i'm exhausted just reading about your day & i'm not even preggo!


- heather
This Life Is Yours Blog

Lindsay said...

So close! You look amazing! Such a cute look.

Falon said...

You look gorgeous! I can't believe you are so active this close to the end! Can't wait to see pictures of the little one when they arrive!

Laura said...

Wow mama look at that belly!!! I bet you cannot wait to be done, but you look gorgeous! Congrats on the new stroller!

Beth Ann said...

Ok, so I was going to comment on how impressive it is to me that you have such cute clothes on with your hair and make up done at 39 weeks! But then I read about walking two miles pushing the kids in the stroller and that took first place for impressive! Whaaaat? How is that possible?! You are one tough cookie. I get out of breath just doing housework and I'm only going on 35 weeks! ;) Also, I've never even been 39 weeks pregnant (had H at 37) so I can't even imagine it! You're a rock star.

DC in STYLE said...

You look incredible and your baby bump is super adorable!!!!!!! I'm 30 weeks pregnant myself and super excited that found your blog!!!

Dara said...

I had that deep gum cleaning - hated it. very exciting to get the new stroller - and great job with the walking, wow!

Bettina Rae said...

You're amazing. 'nough said. ;)


Jennifer Hoppins said...

Hanna, you shine! I'm so happy you have a new stroller and are giving yourself a much needed rest.

Susan said...

One more week!!!! Eeeeek!!!!

Barry and Rena said...

your hair looks amazing like this!!!

Christy said...

2 miles @ 39 weeks is awesome. You're super mom. Good luck with the next week!

Karen Curtis said...

You are so cute! Great tip on losing weight after a baby. I wish I lived even remotely close to anything so I can run my errands. I guess I could drive somewhere, unload a stroller and get to troopin'!
Also, yay for your mom helping you out!


Gina Toothe said...

Sorry i haven't written for awhile, but i have been following :) You look beautiful! I know you must be so uncomfortable about now, but you are carryng that baby so beautifully. You look like you are just all baby. should bounce back well! i know your concerns for losing the weight, but you are a pro, and i love your plan. Walking is so good for Mom & for baby. What a lucky little baby!!and the weather should get real nice for you soon! i always wanted a Spring baby, but that didn't happen, lol. Enjoy your new stroller and the time you have left with the pregnancy. You are an inspiration to other pregnant women! Great job. Can't wait to hear of the joyous arrival of boy or girl :)

ms.composure said...

so so SO cute!!!


Mandi Roach said...

Seriously adorable, Hanna! No one. And I mean NO ONE, looks this good at 39 weeks. Hugs and kisses and belly rubs to you!

Jenny @ Creatively Blooming said...

You look great! Good luck with the last week(ish) of your pregnancy!

Yo Momma Runs said...

Week 39, woohoo! I remember well the waddle days. The pass quickly, even though in the moment they feel like they take forever!

SueAnn Lommler said...

Wow! Hang in there...almost time
You be careful and rest!

Zoe Alexander UK said...

You look so great! Many congratulations on your pregnancy. Not long to go! Good luck! I'm due on 6th August. Keep us posted!
Zoe Alexander

SemiCleanSlate...In Progress said...

Congrats on the 2 mile walk. I wouldn't even think of walking any directions when I was 39 wks unless I knew there was a bathroom nearby. lol.Happy to that you had a lovely visit with your mom.

Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

Don't you look so cute! I'm so impressed with how much you are moving around - way to go! And yay for the new BOB stroller - I hear they are awesome!

srrraah said...

Hey Mamma, you're lookin' fine!!! :D Can't wait to "meet" the newest addition to your fam-jam soon!!

Regine Karpel said...

Get some rest!
Beautiful blog you have

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

you are so beautiful and so pregnant! i love each one of these pictures!!!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Awww he is perfect!!! So happy for you!!


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